Medical Record-Keeping Elearning

Record Keeping Bootcamp

Business Need

A medical union wanted to ensure that its members knew about all the record-keeping rules stated in their professional order policy documents, to protect both public and the doctors.


  • Policy documents listing all the things employees must and can’t do are very boring
  • The course had to cover four policy documents and multiple practising contexts
  • Learners already knew about the rules
  • If the learner did not understand and follow the policies correctly, they could be fined
  • Doctors from all specialties had to relate to the content and learning activities


Compliance training often starts by asking learners to read a long and boring policy.


  1. We analyzed the business and learning needs. Since learners already knew about the policy, having read and discussed it in their initial training, it was decided that they only needed a refresher.
  1. We designed activities where the learners actually put into practice the content of the policy. For example:
    • Find the error in the patient’s file
    • Record the patient’s procedure in the right record store
    • Select the correct elements to add to the patient’s file
    • Select a regulatory electronic file system
    •  Etc.
  1. We organized the learning activities into modules and used a fun cartoon theme. Hippocrates, as the learning agent, either praised the learners or gently berated them when they answered questions.
  1. To ensure the content was accurate, not only did we meet with the client’s Subject Matter Expert, but we also had the storyboard validated by the professional order. We sat with one of the continuous education and remediation experts and made sure we understood each of their comments before adjusting the learning activities.
Example of a storyboard page
Example of a storyboard page - This course did not contain audio or animation

Note: The example shown has been modified to protect real company data, but it shows our approach and work. Wouldn’t you want that we do the same with your content?

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