Microlearning for Information Security Compliance Training

Information Security Microlearning

Business Need

A client selling Information Security compliance courses wanted to add interactive microlearnings to their campaign offer to increase retention and learning.


  • Subject Matter Experts were turning each microlearning into longer courses
  • Scenarios had to use a maximum of 2 characters from a character pool with set personality traits
  • Scenarios needed to link to existing courses content
  • Scenarios had be diversified yet follow a certain structure


Scenarios often stay theoretical instead of showing real consequences of the learner’s choices


  1. To keep the microlearning to a short learning event, we concentrated on one behaviour we wanted the learner to adopt per microlearning.
  2. We created a dozen different situations (so far), using different characters and locations, using the following structure:
    • After a short 2D animated situation, we ask the learner to help the character decide on the best course of action.
    • When the learner selects an option, we show the consequence of that action instead of staying theoretical. For example, if the learner decides to click on an attachment in a phishing email, the character’s computer gets infected by a virus. If he decides to forward the phishing email to the IT Department, he gets congratulated.
    • We finish the scenario with a general feedback where the characters explain a few best practices for that situation.
    • At the end of the scenario, we give the learner the choice to rerun the scenario, trying different answers.
Mind map of a microlearning scenario
Example of a scenario mindmap

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