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Do you feel you are wasting money
on current training initiatives?

Do you wish your training was
driving strategic results?

Over the years, I’ve seen many people waiting for time to pass in class or speed-clicking through online training that was a complete waste of time for them and of money for the organization. I’ve seen managers and directors spending fortunes on programs that had nothing to do with their strategic objectives. Meanwhile, I knew that employees had real competency development needs that if met, would make the organization much more productive and employees much happier.

This is why I’ve gotten my Master’s in Education, specialized in management of training and I can now help organizations be both more efficient and effective in their learning initiatives. With extensive experience in all aspects of training engineering, including in designing engaging classroom and online training, I can ensure that all your training interventions are meaningful, and help you develop and grow your business.

Sophie hosting Gestion de la formation

Award-winning designer and accomplished trainer, you might have seen me host the all-day event Les Affaires Gestion de la formation in 2017 or speak at the Congrès annuel des CRHA in 2018. I’ve also been actively involved in the Réseau de la formation du Québec (RPFQ), where you can often find me to discuss learning.

Harmonisation of organisational practices in a multisite organisation

There are 4 groups of elements that affect how employees share knowledge and practices across sites within an organisation:

  • Individual factors
  • Relational factors
  • Organisational factors
  • Sharing mechanisms

These factors have been researched, described and benchmarked in the paper presented in Europe for my master’s degree in Education.

Interested in learning more? Download the research paper.
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